Digital: Thievery – ENGLISH

Digital: Thievery – ENGLISH

299 kr


Discover Malmö and the history of the riots in 1926. Play a game that places you in the middle of the action, solve puzzles and the power to change the course of history lies in your hands!

You play the role of Hilda Johansson who has just moved to Malmö, the year is 1926 and she is out on strike. Can you end the strike? Where is your brother and what are the riots on the square about? Hilda might play a crucial role in the future, she knows nothing about that at the moment. The game is based on a historic event and will take you to places of interest.

”The 1926 Möllevången riot” is an outdoor escape game that can be played by you with a smartphone via an app (Android or iPhone). When you order, a ticket is emailed to you which is valid for one game. You can play anytime you like, pause in the city for lunch and resume the game afterward.

Language in the game: English

Duration: 90 – 120 minutes by foot

Number of stops: 9 st around Möllevången, Malmö.

Suggested group size: 2 – 5, one of you need a smartphone

Location: Can only be played in Malmö, the start is at Triangeln where it is also easy to rent a bike via Malmö city bike.


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